Our Past

The Pentecostal Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ has its roots deeply imbedded in the early mission halls and storefronts of St Louis dating back to the 1900s.

Young Benjamin Harrison Pemberton, fiery preacher, passion to win people to Christ, later to be known as Brother Ben, held services at a mission hall at 1414 North Grand. It was here he became leader and pastor of about 200 people.

In 1924, Brother Ben purchased a lot at 4017 Easton Avenue. A large brick building was immediately purchased that seated eight hundred people. Services were held every night with standing room only during the weekends. In 1929 and during the depression years none of Bens people lost their jobs. In fact the church created a poor fund for those in need.

By 1940, the neighborhood around 4017 Easton Avenue had gotten too rough for Brother Bens congregation, so they began seeking the Lord for a new location. A new place was found on Delmar Street. Much time was spent on rehabilitating the new church. When finished the building seated 1,400 people. It had carpeted prayer rooms and a small auditorium for weeknight services.

In 1953, Brother Ben felt the Lords impression to move his congregation to a more central area of the city. He later bought an old Methodist church located at 3610 Grandel Square.

The new Church had three auditoriums: a large sanctuary with a balcony, a smaller one on the third floor, and the smallest auditorium just off the foyer. An addition was built and served as Brother Bens apartment.

The last few years of Brother Bens life was a fight against diabetes. He refused to take insulin trusting in prayer to take him through this ordeal. Brother Bens fruitful ministry came to a close on November 23, 1963. Around 1,800 people attended his home-going.

After Brother Bens passing, Brother Stoney became Pastor. A year later saw the death of the churches new Pastor. He had lost his fight against cancer.

Brother Walls became the next Pastor and under his leadership bought property in Creve Coeur on Ladue Road. The people with one mind got together and soon built a beautiful brick church, our existing place of worship. After 10 years of serving the church Brother Walls felt the need to move on.

After Pastor Walls resigned and moved to a new field of labor Brother Elijah Brady, a school teacher, stood in as an interim preacher. After a short time of ministry Brother Brady decided to move on to another field of labor.

Our current Pastor, Brother Ernest Dumaresq took the reins in December of 1979 and is presently in office.